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Murder, also known as homicide, is the most serious violent crime in the United States and the consequences of a conviction will change your life forever. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side and fighting on your behalf can make the difference between life behind bars and freedom.

At Holt Law, our Houston murder defense attorney is dedicated to defending those who face criminal charges, fighting to get the charges dropped, reduced, or achieve an acquittal at trial. We provide personal, compassionate, and effective defense people facing charges of murder or homicide.

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Murder Charges & Penalties

Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a person. There are three types of murder charges: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder.

The following is a breakdown of each type of murder and its associated penalties:

  • First-degree murder – Considered the highest degree of homicide in the state, first-degree murder is the premeditated and unlawful killing of a person. A conviction is punishable by either life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty.
  • Second-degree murder – This type of murder means killing another person during the heat of the moment and without premeditation or killing someone while committing a felony. A conviction can result in life imprisonment.
  • Third-degree murder – This type of murder means the killing of another person but doesn’t meet the requirements for the other two forms of homicide but happened with malice that was not intentional or while during the commission of a felony. A conviction carries a maximum 40-year prison sentence.

Legal Defenses Against Murder & Homicide Charges

Despite the severity of murder and homicide charges, there are several effective legal defenses we may be able to employ on your behalf, including but not limited to:

  • Wrongful accusation: In many cases, murder and homicide charges are the result of mistaken identity. You may have been elsewhere at the time of the crime and providing an effective alibi can clear you of charges.
  • Self-defense: If you acted in self-defense, you might be considered innocent of criminal wrongdoing.
  • Tainted or inadmissible evidence: In many cases, the evidence is obtained through illegal searches, seizures of property, or is tainted through violating proper legal procedures. In such cases, we will file an action to have the evidence deemed inadmissible.
  • Insanity: Houston law allows you to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, which applies in cases where the accused was either unable to determine right from wrong or didn’t understand the nature of the act.
  • The death was accidental: If we can show that you had no intention to do harm, weren’t acting negligently, and were not otherwise engaged in criminal activity at the time of the killing, we may be able to achieve an acquittal or reduced charges.

Ready to Fight for Your Freedom

Just because you have been charged with murder doesn’t mean that you are guilty. Our Houston murder defense attorney can investigate your case, collect supporting evidence, and determine whether the police violated your rights or there are weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument against you. Do not lose hope and let us protect your rights and future.

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