Fighting For You In Both Federal And State Court

Trying a case in federal or state court are two completely different processes. Yet since so many criminal cases can land in one court or another, you will badly need an attorney who has experience in both court systems.

Attorney Aaron Holt is comfortable trying cases in either setting. As someone who routinely tries the most challenging criminal cases in federal and state court, he anticipates the strategies that county, state and federal attorneys will take in prosecuting your case.

Federal Court Representation

When facing federal charges, you will require a vigorous and sustained defense. Federal courts have their own sets of rules. The timelines are different. There is also a completely different set of procedures. Probation is not an option in federal courts. And federal prosecutors tend to be extremely aggressive in prosecuting these cases. Most importantly, the penalties for a conviction are severe.

The reason why you need a seasoned criminal attorney in federal court is simple: You are facing the federal government. The federal government has an almost unlimited supply of resources in investigating and prosecuting your case. They also have agencies like the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on their side.

Aaron Holt is a lawyer who will zealously battle for your constitutional rights in court.

Tenacious Advocacy In Pennsylvania Courts

While the procedures are different, it is a mistake to think state courts will go any easier than federal courts when it comes to sentencing. Aaron Holt regularly tries cases throughout counties in Central Pennsylvania. He will advocate zealously for you never forgetting that you are his most important client. Whether in front of a judge or jury, he will address the procedural issues for you.

Defending You And Putting Your Needs First

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