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Although the ultimate goal is to obtain a not-guilty verdict, sometimes the prosecution’s case against a defendant is too strong to achieve that outcome. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid a conviction in Pennsylvania through a pretrial diversion program known as Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). If you complete the program, your charges will be dismissed, and you could seek expungement to have them erased from your criminal record.

At Holt Law, our Harrisburg attorney can determine whether you qualify for ARD and help you avoid conviction. We understand that just because you made a mistake, doesn’t mean you are a criminal. You still have a chance to clear your name and get back on the right path in life with the help of our firm.

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ARD Requirements

ARD in Pennsylvania is a program for people who have never been charged with a crime before. Individuals who are first-time, non-violent offenders and haven’t been part of the ARD program before are eligible.

Common types of criminal cases eligible for the ARD program include:

If the District Attorney approves your entry into the program, you don’t have to plead guilty and your charges will be dismissed once you complete the program, as well as pay fines and other costs associated with the program. Although conditions vary in each county, many ARD programs consist of probation for up to 12 months, community service, drug or alcohol counseling, and other conditions. The ARD program typically lasts up to 24 months.

The following are other types of pre-trial diversion programs available in Pennsylvania:

  • Section 17 – If you have been accused of a minor drug crime, you can enter the Section 17 program. You will have to enter a no-contest plea and a judge holds the plea under advisement. If you complete the probationary period without violating any of the conditions, the judge will find you not guilty and your criminal record can be expunged.
  • Intermediate Punishment – This type of program is for individuals who accept responsibility for committing a crime, enabling them to avoid mandatory sentences and go on house arrest with electronic monitoring, followed by a restorative supervision and other conditions.
  • Motivational Boot Camp – If you have been sentenced to prison time of no more than five years, you may be able to enter Motivational Boot Camp, which is a six-month program consisting of physical exercise, alcohol or drug treatment, as well as work and educational courses.
  • Veterans Court – This program is designed for U.S. military veterans who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense.

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