A Powerful Advocate For You During The Appellate Process

Sometimes, juries and judges make mistakes, and in a Pennsylvania criminal case such a mistake can be incredibly costly.  A wrongful conviction can mean fines, prison time, a criminal record, and probation. In such instances, it is vital to speak with a skilled lawyer who understands the criminal appellate process.

Attorney Aaron Holt handles even the toughest appeals cases. He will explore your every legal option. Beyond understanding the appeals process, he will do everything in his power to obtain a successful appeal and assert your rights.

Appealing A Conviction Through The Post Conviction Relief Act

It’s possible to attach a conviction in Pennsylvania through the Post Conviction Relief Act (PCRA). Such an appeal differs from a direct appeal. It allows for you to appeal a conviction You can file a petition under the Post Conviction Relief Act for a variety of grounds

Under 42 Pa.C.S. 9543(a)(2), you can file such a petition if:

  • There was a violation of the Pennsylvania or United States Constitution
  • Ineffective counsel possibly led to the conviction
  • Illegal inducement led to a guilty plea

Additional issues under the PCRA that also may make your case eligible for an appeal.

will strenuously and effectively use the PCRA to argue unconstitutionality, ineffective assistance of counsel, or illegal sentence. Our office will also pursue an appeal due to a withdrawal of guilty plea, lack of jurisdiction, or newly discovered evidence. We will explore every option in pursuing an effective appeal.

Protecting Your Rights During The Entire Legal Process

If an appeal is in order, attorney Aaron Holt has the knowledge, skills and perseverance to make an appeal possible for you. This includes attacking a conviction under the PCRA. Contact us with your questions for a free consultation by calling .