We Defend Your Rights Against Criminal Charges

When charged with a crime, everything in your entire life is at stake. But with personalized representation from an attorney who cares about you and your case, you do not have to leave your future to chance.

At Holt Law you will work personally with an attorney who understands firsthand what you are going through. Aaron Holt understands the criminal justice system inside and out. 

Protecting Your Dignity And Your Rights

From our Harrisburg office, we represent individuals throughout central Pennsylvania. We are capable of defending you regarding a wide range of charges. We know what it’s like facing charges for a crime you did not commit. When taking on your case, we will use the best available strategies to obtain the best possible outcome.

Aaron Holt is a lawyer who will put will put you first. He provides representation regarding:

  • Federal offenses. Our criminal justice system treats federal crimes differently. When charged with a federal crime, you will face federal prosecutors with an unlimited budget. Aaron Holt has extensive experience representing individuals facing the most serious federal crimes charges.
  • Capital crimes, murder and manslaughter. When facing the most serious charges, it may result in decades or even a life of imprisonment. It’s therefore imperative to have an attorney who will fight for you at every step.
  • Assault and other violent crimes. It’s necessary to locate immediate legal representation when charged with a violent crime because of the severity of the sentence, and because of the very real possibility that allegations against you are false. Aaron Holt understands how to challenge irrelevant and unreliable evidence and testimony in court.
  • Drug crimes. Whether you face possession, trafficking or manufacturing charges concerning heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine or marijuana, Aaron Holt will defend your constitutional rights and battle for your acquittal in court.
  • Sex offenses. Besides possible imprisonment, sex crime charges can do lasting damage to your reputation. Aaron Holt will make every effort to protect your freedom and all personal concerns.
  • Theft. Even a shoplifting conviction can remain on your record and prevent you from getting a job. It’s necessary to contest such charges whenever possible. 
  • Juvenile offenses. Young people make mistakes. However, it’s important that such mistakes don’t lead to permanent consequences, and that the young person gets the help they need. As their lawyer, Aaron Holt will look out for the young person’s best interests.
  • Drunk driving. Even a first-time DUI conviction in Pennsylvania may lead to fines, jail time, license suspension, and mandatory attendance at a substance abuse program. The penalties for a subsequent DUI become even more severe.

Such representation is only part of the services our law office provides. Due to his dedication, Aaron Holt will be there from the time you retain him until final resolution – whether through litigation, negotiation or appeal.

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